Resolving Conflict & Transforming Lives, Since 1996

Family Holistic Activities

Whole-person activities involves care for all areas of life that affect a person’s ability to experience intended fulfillment. 


(Grief Relief Intervention Program) counseling aids children, youth and families who face trauma and overwhelming feelings of grief and loss.

Encourages healthy attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles, and promotes self-sufficiency and social competence. Links participants to non-medical support.

PROOF (Professional Resolutions & Outreach Organized for Females)

Equips aspiring women clothed with strength and dignity for purpose-driven ministries.  


Supporting females needing help reducing stress and strengthening their families. 

A family relationship conflict resolution support group for mothers with children under the age of 18 or children aging out of the foster care system. Provides prevention/intervention services for strengthening families that lead to child well-being, family stability, academic success and self-sufficiency.

Self-awareness leads to fulfillment

Family Reading

NCM Read-Out-Loud encourages our families to make reading aloud a part of everyday life to build strong confident readers.


Parent-lead youth ministry designed to biblically and effectively nurture faith in children by helping parents live out and accomplish Deuteronomy 6:5-7 during church fellowship.

Thrive Summer Camp

“Don’t Just Survive-Thrive!” 

You can THRIVE, even in the middle of a difficult trial." Develop  Leadership skills through fun activities.

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