Resolving Conflict & Improving Lives, Since 1996

NCM of Pittsburgh Meeting Center

Since its inception, NCM has been the hub for Community Mobilization and Engagement in the Lincoln/Lemington area of Pittsburgh. 

To facilitate community interaction and involvement, NCM uses a combination of approaches to reach a wide cross section of communities through Public meeting formats, ongoing workshops and activities that strengthens community relations and exchanges of ideas to support NCM mission. This method has proven to be most impactful with lasting solutions.

Transforming Communities: Meetings/Mobilization/Outreach & Engagement Workshops


  • 1. HOLA (Hold Our Leaders Accountable) Meetings
  • 2. Town Hall Meetings
  • 3. What’s Really Going On workshops
  • 4. Conflict Resolution/Mediation Information Seminars
  • 5. Family Volunteer Day
  • 6. Workshop Health & wellness,
  •  Opiod addiction information session
  • 7. Workshop Academic Advocacy
  • 8. PROOF (Professional Resolutions & Outreach Organization for Females) Conferences

Family Night: Provides stress reduction & relaxation techniques.  distribution family recipients learn to give back through volunteering and participation in annual Family Game Night; Talent Shows, Family workshops; Outdoor Recreation and Field Trips, Visual/Performing Arts/Dramatization. Assigning Safe, Nurturing leadership dynamics help Youth grow up to be Healthy and Productive citizens who will build Stronger, Safer families and communities. 

Healthy Youth Peace Festival: Youth organized event that provides opportunities to bond with peers and families of neighboring communities. T-shirt Campaign is a major contributor.

Touring Theatre: Students learn aspects of theatre production to have an opportunity to perform for others in the community.

*Fundraisers: To prevent or minimize deterioration of educational goals, health and self-esteem for the disadvantaged, NCM develops strategic partnerships and fundraising techniques and engages the community to help promote awareness for the need to purchase distribution items to support NCM Mission.

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