Resolving Conflict & Improving Lives, Since 1996

Court-Ordered Life Skills Community Service (LSCS)

Community Service is defined as the performance of voluntary work or duties that are a public benefit and that serve to improve the quality of life, enhance resident self-sufficiency, or increase resident self-responsibility in the community.

NCM combines a combination of General Community Service with Life Skills to produce a Highly successful court-approved, year-round, case-managed program called, Life Skills Community Service (LSCS). LSCS works with courts, adjudicated youth, parents, schools, communities, individuals and other institutions to help manage and resolve conflict to improve academic success, self-sufficiency and sustainability. (Home-visits may be necessary to reduce the dropout rate and keep clients positively connected to the program). The LSCS Program can manage up to 80 court-ordered cases per year, 77% of cases referred to NCM consists mostly of truancy, gun and drug possession and 3% for completion of parenting classes. LSCS participants enhanced self-esteem, self-worth, self-sufficiency, academics and successfully completed all court requirements. Life Skills classes improve self-sufficiency sustainability. LSCS  reduced court-ordered truancy cases by 97%.

Adjudicated Youth

The Life Skills Community Service program is very effective at addressing victimization due to delinquent behavior. The program facilitates court-ordered supervised activities that helps transitioning foster care youth and at risk students in grades 6-12 understand how their behavior impacts others, the consequences for their actions and equips them with tools for positive transformation.

Parenting Skills and Family Relationship Program

Positive Discipline Parenting Classes for mothers and dads with babies, toddlers and truant students. Offers High-Conflict Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes. Our highly respected "Certificate of Completion" satisfies the court order with the judge, and all family professionals. 

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