Resolving Conflict & Improving Lives, Since 1996

Crafts, Visual/Performing Arts and Field Trips Promotes family bonding that supports healthy development

Life skills, stress reduction & relaxation techniques implemented through fun therapeutic recreation

Visual and Performing Arts

Grandson ask grandmother to help him learn how to fast dance for his prom

Enrich the lives of families and inspires, empowers and promotes positive change. NCM encourages families to develop and share diverse stories through art, education and technology. Parents and children create flyers and promote performances of drama, music and dance and other creative activity in front of an audience.



NCM Chaperones help provide families with experiences that inspire hope, dreams, and achievements for a lifetime in a world where our most vulnerable children feel included, valued, and inspired to reach their full potential.

Through generous partnerships who strives to make trips to museums, concerts, ball games, science centers, zoos, and more part of every childhood, low-income families are provided free access to the arts, cultural, educational, athletic venues, etc. and have experiences that can spark an interest, ignite a passion, and shape a future without limits.

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