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We have partnered with other churches and organizations to help strengthen our limited-income neighbors by providing utility grant application for more than 10,000 head of household single moms. Funding for the Hands for Hope Hardship program was provided in part by a grant from the POISE Foundation.

Our church care about you and are working diligently to try our best to accommodate you during this unfortunate pandemic. Due to COVID-19, most of our services are remote, including church services, Dollar Energy Fund and leadership classes. Counseling is available via phone only. Food Share and basic need distributions are limited and based on availability. Please email us at for Dollar Energy Fund Utility Grant Assistance and additional information.

Hands for Hope Hardship

The Hardship project was expanded through the generosity of The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Small and Mighty grant program

Life Skills



Meal Share

Food: Shares snacks, food, drink and meal packages with families, elderly and veterans in need when available.


Clothing distributed to the disadvantaged.


Holiday assistance for children in need.

Emergency Energy Relief Assistance (EERA)

NCM is responsible for the application grant process, intake interview and gathering of pertinent information regarding the applicant and follow up.

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Studies have shown that financial hardship directly affects academic achievement. Over half of the children in low-income families experience utility disconnections, which eliminates resources, such as electricity for computers, water to maintain good hygiene, enjoy a healthy meal, and having a comfortable and well-lit study environment.

Veteran waiting to be fitted for warm coat

Educational Support

Books: Provides access to valuable reading resources to inspire and improve reading and language skills needed for success.

Backpacks/School supplies: To help students jump-start their education and increase academic success. 

KCSA (Kirkland Community Service Award): Scholarship for high school HS graduating seniors dedicated to community service and leadership.

Coats for Warmth

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