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Meal Share

Food: Shares hot meals, after-school snacks, food and drink and meal packages with community youth, elderly, veterans, homeless and holiday meals to the community-at-large when available.


NCM distributes clothing to the disadvantaged, including kids, elderly and veterans in need.

Christmas Toys

In addition to toys acquired through partnerships to bring Christmas Cheer to kids in need, additional toys and gifts are bought by NCM to fill a demand for NCM's famous life skills Gingerbread House Contest (judged by effort and family participation only) that provides life skills and family bonding support for high-risk families.

Utility Assistance

NCM serves as a screening agency for the Dollar Energy Fund while also connecting those in need with other forms of assistance such as property/Rent Rebate application help and basic need support.

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Dollar Energy Fund Studies have shown that a financial hardship directly affects academic achievement. Over half of the children in low-income families experience utility disconnections, which eliminate resources, such as electricity for computers, water to maintain good hygiene and enjoy a healthy meal, and having a comfortable and well-lit study environment.

Veteran waiting to be fitted for warm coat

Educational Support

Books: NCM helps families improve reading by providing access to valuable reading resources written to inspire and help them learn the language skills needed for success.

Backpacks/School supplies: Purchased and distributed to low-income, k-12 students to jump-start their education and increase academic success. 

KCSA (Kirkland Community Service Award): One-time scholarships for high school seniors who exemplify dedication to community service and leadership.

Coats for Warmth Program

Hands for Hope Family Support

Hands for Hope Community Service

Hands for Hope Recreation

Hands for Hope Leadership

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