Resolving Conflict & Transforming Lives, Since 1996


Helping to strengthen our limited-income neighbors experiencing difficulty affording utility services and other basic needs.

(Funding for Hands for Hope Hardship was provided in part by a grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation and the POISE Foundation).

emergency food distribution


Free Clothing distributed to the disadvantaged.


Holiday assistance for children in need.

Emergency Energy Relief Assistance (EERA)

Processing Grant Applications for our Limited-Income Neighbors.

Studies have shown that financial hardship directly affects academic achievement. Over half of the children in low-income families experience utility disconnections, which eliminates resources, such as electricity for computers, water to maintain good hygiene, to enjoy a healthy meal, and for having a comfortable and well-lit study environment.

FREE school supplies

Access to valuable reading resources to inspire, transform and improve reading and language skills 

Helping our students jump-start their education to inspire academic success. 

KCSA (Kirkland Community Service Award): Scholarship for our high school graduating seniors dedicated to helping others through community service and leadership.

Coats for Warmth

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