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Nabhi Christian Ministries, located at 7060 Lemington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206 was established in 1996. It responded to the needs of families impacted by the gang violence that endangered families and resulted in senseless deaths in Pittsburgh’s black community. The church's vision unfolded in the mission statement: Dedicated to enhancing impoverished communities by reducing havoc and cultivating healthy environments through a provision of services that mentor, train, and develop quality citizens of all ages. The Church is presently located at 7060 Lemington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

Founded by the Rev. Jacque Fielder, the church was birthed in Larimer, the poorest community in Allegheny County in year,1996 and primarily served the residents of Larimer, Lincoln/Lemington/Belmar Gardens neighborhoods. NCM was incorporated in 1998. The church became the hands of hope for those seeking solutions to extreme gang violence. NCM became a central meeting space for worship and meetings to address community issues. NCM helped unify local leaders and formed an outreach called, Concerned Citizens of Greater Pittsburgh (CCOGP).

In order to feed the flock of God, It was imperative for NCM to respond to the community's condition at hand with wisdom and a unique organizational structure and mission that would be inclusive and demonstrate God's love to the church inside the walls as well as the church outside the walls. Prayers, fellowship and strategies were put in place to enhance the community by reducing havoc and mentoring, training and developing quality citizens of all ages that would benefit the community-at-large. NCM heavily focused on grassroots community outreach and engagement as a tool to inspire mobilization that would unite people for prayer, fellowship and worship who  wouldn't otherwise attend a regular church service without a cause for action. People poured in the church to help promote peace, reduce violence, mediate and resolve conflict in their midst as a part of their worship. NCM has consistently been the recipient of many awards, proclamations and recognition for its efforts since its inception.

NCM implemented a successful conflict resolution youth outreach during increasing community violence and when many innocent and fearful youth were being forced with impossible decisions including, initiation into a gangs and the choice between wearing gang colors or DIE! NCM was effective at winning trust from youth and helping them escape a cycle of violence to help save their lives and the lives of others by providing conflict resolution and leadership skills that transformed their lives.

NCM was invited by Dr. David G. Hall, Medical Director of East Liberty Family Health Care Center (ELFHCC) to run a conflict-resolution outreach program for at risk youth from the Health Center located in Lincoln Lemington. As the group outgrew the space, ELFHCC provided larger spaces for NCM in East Liberty on Broad Street and Penn Ave under the direction of George Steffey. The program was well-attended and a huge success!

NCM settled in its own building at 6260 Broad Street in East Liberty in year 2004. In year 2007, NCM church location would be sold to Target Department Store. Due to a lack of development in the Larimer community, NCM was forced to temporarily relocate back with ELFHCC on Lincoln Avenue, just to keep its services accessible to the Larimer/Lincoln-Lemington/Belmar Gardens communities.

Again, NCM outgrew the space at ELFHCC. In 2007, NCM developed wonderful partnerships, including one with Faith Lutheran Church located at 7060 Lemington Avenue in Pittsburgh. Faith Lutheran Church offered NCM a home to worship and serve the community. The space provided NCM with a large sanctuary with balcony for worship, spacious offices, classrooms, a huge social hall with a stage, a full state-of-the-art kitchen and a parking lot in the rear.

In year 2019, Faith Lutheran Church donated the building to NCM.

NCM is well-respected in Pittsburgh with a good reputation for worship, fellowship and projects that enhance transformative leadership and develops the whole-person to become contributing members of society. 

NCM believe that the basic function of the church is to be involved in every facet of the life of the believer, including their environment. Christ looked at the needs of the people, provided it, and then begun to preach out the good deeds. NCM's desire is to live up to its true calling — meeting the needs of the people.

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