Safe, Nurturing examples are Pathways to help Children grow up to be Healthy and Productive citizens who will build Stronger, Safer families and communities

Children exposed to drugs, violence and other harsh environments are frightened and/or may be victims of physical violence or incest or suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) like victims of war crimes.

Children environments can include victimization by terrorist acts, divorce, bad school experiences and tough neighborhoods that causes major stress.  Many children show symptoms of what NCM calls, "The silent cry for help," which can usually only be heard by a trained and discerning ear.

Research shows that sometimes to minimize damage, these children can rely on "adaptive distancing," in order to maintain pursuits and seek fulfillment in life through outreach activities, school and friendships who share the same or similar experiences.

NCM is part of an adaptive distancing micro-system that encourages and nurtures resilience to mediate chaotic environments and help minimize damage to help children seek fulfillment. By strengthening children, their families and communities and by providing them with basic necessities, emotional support, safe resources, life skills recreational outlets and outreach activities, children, families and communities build leadership qualities to help overcome victimization.

Uniting Partners and Individuals to Address Unmet Community Needs and 

Development Programs That Advance Leadership



  Aide children in need to help make them feel safe, healthy and academically engaged while resolving family and community conflict

  Develop critical thinking skills through visual arts and crafts, dramatization and other artistic activities and recreation

  Provide Leadership training through community outreach and engagement



 Special Events

1. Coats for Warmth Drive/Distribution,

2. Back2School Supplies Drive/Distribution

3. Toy Drive/Distribution

4. Book Drive/Distribution

5. Drug-Free Gingerbread House Drive/Contest (promote drug-free homes)

6. Easter Drive/Easter Egg Hunt

7. NCM AWARDS Dinner

Community Engagement and Inclusion

  • 1. HOLA (Hold Our Leaders Accountable)
  • 2. Town Hall Meetings
  • 3. What’s Really Going On
  • 4. Conflict Resolution Seminars
  • 5. Family Volunteer Day
  • 6. Workshops Health/wellness

Family Activities: Drug-Free Gingerbread House Contests (Judged on effort, family participation, etc.); conflict resolution dramatization; Annual Christmas Reunion (Dinner/Gifts/Games/Toys), Coats for Warmth Rally (family volunteer day); Easter Egg Hunt; Back2School rally and distribution (families pay it forward by helping to collect and distribute school supplies to children in need); Annual Family Game Night; Family workshops; Outdoor Recreation and Field Trips/Visual Arts/Dramatization

Community Outreach, Engagement & Inclusion: Our commitment to fostering community leadership allows NCM to encourage dialogue between communities, organizations, partners and non-profits.

Fundraisers: Support the purchase and distribution of new winter coats, educational supplies, toys, visual arts and crafts and special events for children in need.

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