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Nabhi Christian Ministries (NCM), a nonprofit, 501 (C)3 organization, has been a leader in advocating safe-pathways for the healthy development of children in Allegheny County, since 1996.

The Mission of NCM Advocating safe-pathways for the healthy development of children victimized or exposed to drugs, violence, and other harsh environments in Allegheny County by dedicating to the enhancement of impoverished communities by reducing havoc and creating healthy environments through a provision of services that mentor, train and develop quality citizens of all ages.   

 is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1998. We have honored leaders who are committed to building and strengthening our community since 1997.

Our Work: In response to the rampant gang violence that endangered families and resulted in senseless deaths in the poorest neighborhoods of Allegheny County, NCM unified local leaders and formed an outreach, Concerned Citizens of Greater Pittsburgh (CCOGP).

In September 1996, with its first grant from Best Health Care, CCOGP mediated the most successful gang rally in the history of Pittsburgh (Rhododendron Pavilion Highland Park), resulting in a ceasefire and a public peace truce between five rival gangs.  CCOGP received local and national recognition.  

Shortly thereafter, CCOGP exp
nded its services to include the Educational Mentoring Program to assist schools, courts, and families to address academic failure because of negative risk factors. The program effectively reduced truancy.

In 2014, through the generous support of The Heinz Endowments, 4-H Pittsburgh teamed with The Kingsley Association and Nabhi Christian Ministries to deliver an innovative youth development program that gave African-American males leadership roles in their neighborhoods of Larimer and Lincoln-Lemington. 

We had a wonderful year in 2015. Our Toy Drive for Needy Children was very successful. We celebrated our Children’s Annual Christmas Reunion and Drug-Free Gingerbread House Contest on December 19 with our community partner, Faith Lutheran Church and our local sponsors. NCM Awards 2015 was held at the beautiful Rivers Club and was also a huge success!

We look forward to even a more exciting year in 2016. We are planning a series of community events including, Easter Egg Hunt 2016, Coats for Warmth, Back-to-School- NCM Awards 2016 and much more.  We welcome you to participate in these events and hope that you will join us in the important work.

We are very grateful to our partners and sponsors who are vital to the success of our organization by helping us to reach our goals through their support.


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Awards/Recognition Include
2015 Proclamation Congress for appreciation
of dedication, enthusiasm, cooperation
and tireless community work;
2015 Proclamation City of Pittsburgh for
appreciation of dedication, enthusiasm,
cooperation and tireless community work;
2013 Jefferson Award Winner & Soroptimist
Award Winner for Outstanding
Public Service;
2010 Iron Cross Ministries Community
Builder Award
 2007 United States Armed Forces
for serving troops during war;
2005 City of Pittsburgh Proclamation
for tireless work and
effective leadership 
2005 Slippery Rock University for 
effective leadership
 2004 City of Pittsburgh Proclamation
for tireless work and
effective leadership towards
the goals of making
Pittsburgh a more peaceful
and loving place;
2004 City of Pittsburgh Proclamation
for all its efforts in helping so many
of those in need of aid in the city
2004 YWCA Youth Mentor Award;
 2000 Sisters Helping Sisters Award;

1997 Pennsylvania State Auditor
General Proclamation
for improving Pittsburgh
neighborhoods and reducing
gang violence;
1996 Allegheny County
Commissioner's Proclamation
 for improving Pittsburgh
neighborhoods and reducing
gang violence.

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