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The Impact of Local Missions Inspires, Motivates and Educates

NCM conducts services of worship, provides for the Christian Education and pastoral care of its members and other individuals, and organizes benevolent efforts that seek to alleviate deprivation and suffering of people in its community, including the poor, distressed or underprivileged. 

NCM operates with an annual operating budget just under $180,000 and the help of 77 members, sponsors, small grants, partnerships, 60 skilled volunteer staff and 11 board members. 

Last year, NCM served 617 low-income individuals living in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, 98% were African American single moms. Participants were resilient and possessed strengths that assisted them in recovering from negative experiences:

Since February 2020, NCM pivoted ongoing efforts in new ways that were never imagined to best address the urgent community needs that were created by COVID-19:

NCM served cooked food and purchased groceries to reduce hunger in the local community, distributed 1,550 healthy food b0xes to low-income families to decrease food insecurity and distributed COVID-19 and basic needs supplies such as face masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning products and hygiene essentials to a financially distressed community to reduce the Coronavirus spread;

NCM assessed and processed over 300 hardship applications for low-income single moms, families and individuals who lost their jobs and were struggling to afford basic utility services, resulting in obtaining $19,518 in utility grants awarded to help avoid shut-offs and terminations, Additionally, NCM provided free phone crisis counseling services to 57 individuals to help reduce stress, fright and anxiety during the pandemic. NCM was also able to raise emergency funds to help a low-income single-mom avoid eviction and to help repair a heating furnace for a local grandmother raising 5 minor children in the dead of winter during the pandemic;

NCM distributed 431 new coats, school supplies, toys and face masks to low-income children to help keep them warm through the cold-winter months, to help jumpstart their education, to bring holiday cheer and to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus;

NCM honored 2 local role models and engaged over 300 families in safe-fun activities to help reduce the impact of social isolation during COVID-19.

Since 1996, NCM has freely provided spiritual fulfillment, resolved conflict and transformed lives for over 10,900 single moms with minor children, provided Hands for Hope community distributions and utility hardship assistance for over 1,100 individuals by processing applications to obtain over $249,500 in utility grants to restore or prevent shut-off and/or termination of gas, electricity and water services for residents in need, distributed more than 6,400 student backpacks and school supplies, 3,130 new winter coats, hats, socks, school supplies, toys and books, provided case-management and counseling services for more than 1,000 families, provided arts, crafts and other forms of recreational bonding for over 7,300 youth and families, distributed free tickets to low-income kids, families, elderly and veterans for experiences in arts & culture, education & STEM, sports and family entertainment valued over $675,000 and publicly honored 140 exceptional community role models.

NCM's Hand for Hope Hardship Project was expanded with a generous grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation. NCM hopes to continue meeting the increased demand for its services.

NCM donates gifts to Family struggling to cope with death of a mother of Five

An extended family could use a helping hand

"Nabhi Christian Ministries will help ease that struggle this Christmas with toys for the eight children.

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Watch Video: CCOGP of NCM organizes and mediates Pittsburgh's First Ever Gang Peace Rally (Video 1 of 2)

Watch CCOGP of NCM organizes and Mediates Pittsburgh's First Ever Gang Peace Rally (Video 2 of 2)

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