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Children wearing coats from the Nabhi Christian Ministries Coat Drive

NCM has an annual operating budget under $80,000 and the help of sponsors, small grants, partnerships, 60 skilled volunteer staff and 11 board members.

Last year NCM served 541 low-income individuals living in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, 97% were African American single moms. These participants were resilient and possessed strengths that assisted them in recovering from negative experiences:

NCM completed 95 Hands for Hope hardship applications, distributed 307 coats to underprivileged kids in grades Pre-K-12, 300 books, 170 backpacks filled with school supplies. Engaged 117 families in life skills activities, honored 8 exceptional role models, completed 80 case-managed assessments, 80 individual service plans that monitored 80 cases, engaged 27 single moms in private counseling and 170 families in group support and recreational bonding activities. 

Since 1996, NCM has provided spiritual fulfillment, resolved conflict and improved lives for over 10,000 single moms with minor children, provided Hands for Hope hardship services for over 500 individuals by preparing and submitting applications to obtain over $230,000 in utility grants to restore or prevent shut-off and/or termination of gas and electricity for residents in need, distributed more than 6,000 student backpacks, 2700 new winter coats, hats, socks, school supplies, toys and books, provided case-managed life skills and counseling for more than 1,000 families, provided arts, crafts and other forms of recreational bonding for over 6,900 youth and families, distributed free tickets to low-income kids, families, elderly and veterans for experiences in arts & culture, education & STEM, sports and family entertainment valued over $675,000 and publicly honored 138 exceptional role models.

NCM's Hardship program was expanded with the help from a Small and Might grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation. NCM hopes to continue this expansion to meet the increased demand for its services.

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"It's a struggle this year:" Family copes with death of mother of five

“My own child suffered from mental health issues, but she had the heart of a giver,” said Ms. Snowden. “Christmas was not something I had to worry about — she did it.” On Nov. 29, at age 37, Chantal Snowden died in her sleep. She left behind five daughters, ages 2 months to 21 years old, and a grandson.

"A Lincoln-Lemington Group, Nabhi Christian Ministries, has also stepped in with gifts to help the family." 2018

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An extended family could use a helping hand

Mr. Patterson said. “We never know when the lights might be shut off.”

As a result, the Pattersons have had to look to social services for help, visiting a local food bank and working with Nabhi Christian Ministries. That doesn’t sit well with Mr. Patterson.

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Goodfellows gives her eight grandkids a chance

"Nabhi Christian Ministries, through the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Goodfellows Fund and Toys for Tots, will help ease that struggle this Christmas with toys for the eight children. Nabhi has worked with Goodfellows since 2005 and will help more than 300 families this Christmas season." 2012

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Despite Her Rough Year, Things Are Looking Up for 2014

"To me, this is a young lady who is struggling but has goals and dreams and doesn't give up," said Jacque Fielder, founder of the agency, which provides leadership training, recreation and other services to support families and stem violence.

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A Mother's Pledge 'As long as I have a breath in my body, they will all make it to college'

"Ms. Evans tries to shield her children as best as she can. When they hear gunfire, she tells them: "Oh, it's fireworks." 

"Ms. Evans is again looking to Nabhi to help bring some Christmas cheer to her children." 2009

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