Resolving Conflict & Improving Lives, Since 1996

About Nabhi Christian Ministries

Working collaboratively to problem solve, empowers, improves socialization, reasoning, and Increases self-sufficiency


Nabhi Christian Ministries, a 501(C)3 nonprofit church established in 1996 to improve the quality of life for the poor, distressed or underprivileged in Allegheny County, by engaging them in problem-solving, relationship building and family strengthening activities that leads to child well-being, family stability and academic success.


Dedicated to enhancing impoverished communities by reducing havoc and cultivating healthy environments through a provision of services that mentor, train, and develop quality citizens of all ages. 


  • To use our worship, gifts and talents to build a church community that transforms lives.


The short-term outreach goals are to increase positive interactions by offering a combination of services that substitutes negative risk factors with positive support systems that leads to happiness, healthy behavior and academic success. The long-term goals are to build a church leadership model in Pittsburgh that transforms the lives of people, improves the health of our communities and could be replicated throughout the state of Pennsylvania and internationally. 

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