Resolving Conflict & Transforming Lives, Since 1996


Birthed Through Vision

Responding in prayer to the cries of its neighbors impacted my extreme gang violence that resulted in senseless deaths and endangered innocent children and families in Larimer, the poorest community of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County, led to the formation of Nabhi Christian Ministries (NCM) in 1996. NCM incorporated in 1998. The Hebrew word "nabhi" (meaning "one in whom the message from God springs forth" or "one to whom anything is secretly communicated." Hence, in general, "the prophet" was one upon whom the Spirit of God rested, Numbers 11:17-29 , one, to whom and through whom God speaks, Numbers 12:2 ; Amos 3:7,8) was seen written on a building in a vision believed given by God to its founder, Rev. Jacque Fielder. Nabhi Christian Ministries was originally overseen by the Rev. George S. Steffey. NCM conducts services of worship, provides for the Christian Education and pastoral care of its members and other individuals, and organizes benevolent outreach efforts that seek to alleviate deprivation and suffering of people in its community.

Nabhi Christian Ministries began with home prayer and worship meetings of just 12 members on Verona Blvd. These meetings quickly included a community-wide outreach and caring for the whole person as membership grew with groups of frightened young people from neighboring communities. These young people not only looked to our church as a place to worship and seek a higher power, but as a safe-haven and mediation for peaceful solutions in the wake of the violent communities in which they dwelled. These young people quickly turned our weekly bible study classes to include biblical topics of transformational and peaceful solutions to violence. Our bible reference was, 1Peter 3:11 “He must turn away from wickedness and do what is right. He must search for peace [with God, with self, with others] and pursue it eagerly [actively—not merely desiring it]."

Influenced by another vision given to its founder to transform the impoverished through community outreach, NCM began demonstrating selfless acts of love through its Hands for Hope hardship programs, allowing its neighbor to see Christians in action make connections and build loving relationships that lead to transformation.  This demonstration of the love of Christ in word and deed unfolded in the church's mission, dedicated to enhancing impoverished communities by reducing havoc and cultivating healthy environments through a provision of services that mentor, train and develop quality citizens of all ages as is instructed by God throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelation. The Visionary and Founding Pastor is Rev. Jacque Fielder.

Throughout its history, NCM was very instrumental in helping to unify local leaders of all backgrounds and faith to help bring community healing through prayer and an outreach called, Concerned Citizens of Greater Pittsburgh (CCOGP). NCM increased its membership that included over 50 youth and an outreach ministry that serviced over 100  adjudicated African American males and females.

September 2, 1996 highlights NCM's first great outreach accomplishment. With its first grant from Best Health Care, CCOGP successfully mediated Pittsburgh's first ever gang peace rally held at the Rhododendron Pavilion in Highland Park, resulting in a public peace truce and a cease-gunfire between 5-rival gangs from neighboring communities. NCM received local and national attention including, The Allegheny County Commissioner’s and State Auditor General Proclamations for improving Pittsburgh neighborhoods and reducing gang violence. NCM was called on to partner with various organizations and governments to help mediate community conflict.

In 2000, Nabhi Christian Ministries moved to Broad Street in the Presence Building. NCM partnered with Agape Christian Fellowship, City of Pittsburgh, District Courts, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Abraxas, Shuman Detention Center, Probation Officers, East-Liberty Family Health Care Center and other local groups to implement a  faith-based, conflict resolution program called the EMP (Educational Mentoring Program) to reduce delinquent behavior and the drop out rate for adjudicated youth. The EMP significantly reduced violence and truancy in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

In 2004, NCM church moved to 6260 Broad Street in East Liberty of Pittsburgh where it held worship and extended community outreach invitations to forums to help mediate the community divide, build healthy relationships and transform lives.  NCM partnership with the City of Pittsburgh to create the first, unique, court-ordered Life Skills Community Service (LSCS) program of its kind in Pittsburgh, PA for adjudicated youth. LSCS strengthened lacking support systems for troubled and adjudicated youth that significantly decreased their vulnerability to academic failure, expulsion, dropout and violent crimes. The LSCS significantly reduced truancy and became a model program replicated by other churches, youth-serving and volunteer organizations throughout Allegheny County. NCM received 2 City of Pittsburgh Proclamations for tireless work and effective leadership towards the goals of making Pittsburgh a more peaceful and loving place; and for all its efforts in helping so many of those in need of aid in the city. NCM was forced to move after the owner would sell the building to Target Department Store. 

In 2005 -2009, NCM received grants to partner with the City of Pittsburgh and the Poise Foundation to help transform lives by addressing root causes of violence in at-risk and adjudicated youth that significantly reduced truancy in the City of Pittsburgh Public Schools. In 2007, NCM moved to the Dorothy Day Apartments on Lincoln Avenue.

In 2009, NCM expanded its membership to 77 and found a larger church home shared with the owners of Faith Lutheran Church, located at 7060 Lemington Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206. In 2019, Faith Lutheran Church owners donated the Church building to Nabhi Christian Ministries. Since 2009, the Church remains at the same location in the Lincoln/Lemington section of Pittsburgh, PA.

In 2015, through the generous support of the Heinz Endowments, the church was invited to team with 4-H Pittsburgh and the Kingsley Association to deliver an innovative, assets-based youth development program that built relationships and gave African-American males leadership roles in their neighborhoods of Larimer/Lincoln-Lemington. NCM received the Jefferson and Soroptimist Awards for Outstanding Public Service for establishing the first African American Male Urban 4H Program Curriculum for the City of Pittsburgh through Penn State Extension and Proclamations from Congress and the City of Pittsburgh for appreciation of dedication, enthusiasm, cooperation and tireless community work.

In 2016, NCM received a City of Pittsburgh Proclamation for honoring community leaders for their achievements, value and impact on children and families; NCM founder was the recipient of the New Pittsburgh Courier Women of Excellence Award;

IN 2018, NCM received the City of Pittsburgh Proclamation for service and civic contribution to the City of Pittsburgh;

In 2019, NCM received the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. LLZ Chapter Community Service Award for ongoing service and unwavering dedication to community outreach & engagement.

In 2019, NCM received a grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation Small & Mighty program to expand its Hands for Hope Hardship program that processes utility grant applications for limited income families struggling to afford basic utility services, to avoid, shut offs, terminations and evictions. 


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