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Strong Families become good neighbors and productive members of society


(Grief Relief Intervention Program) aids children, youth and families who face trauma and overwhelming feelings of grief and loss due to community violence. GRIP includes Homicide survival counseling that focus on the ripple effects of traumatic loss on young people and communities.

Encourages healthy attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles, and promotes self-sufficiency and social competence. Links participants to non-medical support.


A family relationship conflict resolution support group for mothers with children under the age of 18 or children aging out of the foster care system. Provides prevention/intervention services for strengthening families that lead to child well-being, family stability, academic success and self-sufficiency.

PROOF (Professional Resolutions & Outreach Organized for Females)

A female confidential conflict resolution support group designed to help remove barriers, motivate, restore & renew purpose for leaders and aspiring women clothed with strength and dignity. Encourages healthy attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles that promotes self-sufficiency.

BOB (Brothers Overcoming Barriers)

Helps males, ages 12-19 escape the cycle between delinquency, violence, academic failure and dependence through a combination of mentoring, life skills development and support dynamics. 

Family Reading Program

"Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development." - UNESCO

Reports indicate that worldwide more than 700 million people aged 15 and above can't read or write.

NCM Read-Out-Loud Family reading Program loan books to participants in grades Pre-K to 12 and their family members to encourages families to make reading aloud to their children a part of everyday life.

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